Meet Da Bloggers

Nuttin But Net!

B-Ball Lovers world-wide, don’t miss the sassy Ms. B-Ball Jonez givin you the play by play from her point of view. Don’t be fooled she knows da game and she grew up around the famous Holcombe Ruckers Park of Harlem, NY USA


Get your daily cup of hot labrish right here, of wha ah gwaan wit Jamaica world-wide seen. ChattyBwoy and ChattyGyal give it to ya raw and unfiltered..Yea, dem is unruly and ketch dem on Ya Dun Talk TV Live, Yuh Si Mi… Wait!, where Ms. Kitty tink she ah go, an no she caan be replaced? Nah Suh, ChattyGyal luv mi sum miss Kitty. Mi haffa find out wah ah gwaan, seen.


Move over Don Cherry and get ready for the hilarious commentary of PuckShot-P on one of the greatest sports to ever be played. Who do and know hockey like Canucks, Eh? Of course we’ll be rootin for our hometeam in the process. GoSensGo!

Meet Da Bloggers 

Starris Consumer Report  Welcome to the  411 about products and services that are sent to and used by our company for  review. We then turn it over to our Product Specialist Starris for her consumer blog report.

Global consumers also chime in to provide their perspective of the product or service in question.The report is interactive letting manufactures, and businesses alike know if it’s a consumer hit or miss.



Keeping you informed on what’s happening and letting you know what’s hot, and not across the globe and Around Da Town in our hometown of the Canadian Capital.

Don’t miss the Wall Of Shame, Shame, Shame ! from those who practice deceit on fellow Citizens. Or the Wall of Cheers 4 Humanity! from those who practice common love and general goodness for their fellow citizen.


Where lovers come to keep the fires blazing. Never fall out of reach of each other’s grace. Together the two become one union in love, heart and mind.

Never forget what made you come together in each others arms. To care for another more than yourself what greater gift of love is there. What love could ever be compared. This is the gift of unconditional love given to all by Our Creator.

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Non-Stop action to keep you and the family thoroughly entertained. Our digital media will keep you satisfied and content for hours and hours. Action Packed

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Are you the adventure and fantasy type, then look no more and get ready to fulfill all of your family and friends horizons of nothing but fun.


Jeepers, Creepers is horror your fix. You just got to be creeped out and it doesn’t frighten you at all. Then get ready for non-stop fright nights.


Really, Drama is your fix. No problem, we got you covered. Grab some popcorn and sit back and tell a friend or two. Or have the family crowd on the couch.


Urban Movies              All the urban action to keep you amused and entertained for hours. From, action, drama, and documentaries.    24 hours.


24 hour Global News from around the world. Spanning across the globe find out what’s really going on in the world today and never be left out of the loop.