Runway Drama off da chain. Every Lane Krasherz event  have been plagued. There is always something sinister going on with those hot gorgeous divas of the runway. They put the letter K in Catty and there’s never a dull moment with these ladies. From hot drama to hot mess, they are never without some type of shenanigan’s going on. So Fashionista’s don’t miss an episode.



Canucks meet Puckshot-P and tune in to this hilarious hockey blog toon about the greatest game, teams and players in the  NHL. Watch out Don Cherry there’s a new sportscaster in the Canadian Capital about to unleash himself on O-town and as he says “Da Puck Stops Here!, Eh!!”


Well, Howdy! Yall! Welcome to Da Canuck Prairies where we’re known for the best darn BeaverTails on these prairies shug. See whats happenin with our southern bell the purtee little Bessie AnnieMae Lee (we call her BAL for short yall.) Join in and dont miss a rootin -tootin episode. YeeHaw!!!!!

B-Ball Mania…

Meet B-Ball Jonez, the sassy, broadcaster and blogger with her take on one of the greatest games in the league the NBA. Don’t under estimate her basketball smartz.



Don’t miss out on the daily adventures of JANGO on the beautiful paradise island of Jamaica. There’s never a dull moment on this island with Jango or his family and friends. This is the digital comic book to the hot new family entertainment..! 

Romantic Notions

“Where Lovers Keep The Fires Blazing”

Ah!, Love is in the air, eh. Keep the heart fond of its endeared one. Cherish those special moments and memories with the one whom you’ve loved and prized in your heart. The most beautiful love poems brought to life in digital 3D format.

     Meet GAIA…She is keeper of the sacred flame and named after Mother Earth by her parents. Together with her family they protect, learn and keep Mother Earth. Learning Mother Earth means her family encounter daily adventures. 

     They must remember the prayers and teaching of the Ancient Ones. Will GAIA remember all that she’s taught to carry forward to the future generations?

     Don’t miss the daily fun and adventures of this Spiritual First Nation family and their love and care for Mother Earth.

Regal Royceston P.I. ……

     Cheerio! Meet Millionaire Elite Regal Royceston Private Eye your true investigator of all things unheard of and unbelievable. No mystery is to strange or dangerous for this private investigator.

      No matter which part of the world the bad guys decide to do despicable deeds you’ll find RR.P.I. on the case.  How does he get there?, and how does he know?, is what the deviant minded want to know. No one can escape his eye and justice is served in every case.  

Tropical Dreams Stories- 2 Hot 2 Be Televised!…

Meet Celinda and the cast of Tropical Dreams. Let them help you relax on the island of dreams somewhere on Anywhere, Island. Now everyone at Tropical Dreams should be relaxing Sweet Celinda can only hope. She wants to fulfill her dreams of turning her motel into a tranquil vacation resort where dreams are fulfilled. Yet, with her partner and energetic staff can she truly turn her dream into reality or a chaotic nightmare.  We’ll let you be the judge. Hilarious fun and drama at every turn. Will they make it or get shutdown?