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Brammac Designs Media & Bak to Roots Band Presents:


Jango is a 3D animation and digital storybook about Bak To Roots Band Owner’s adventurous childhood on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Jango story begins on the paradise island of Jamrocville.

     Brammac Designs Media will grow this story into a full fledge interactive 3D and Virtual digital media experience for both children and adults alike requiring both full and partial audience participation in certain episodes.

     Jango have a wealth of characters for all fans that are both funny , entertaining and educational at the same time. They come in all shapes, sizes and ages just like the real world. Their beautiful island of   

     Jamrocville is full of beautiful tropical beaches, scenery, music, and mystical and magical parks throughout the island. There’s also known to be some creepy, scary places that only the children stumble upon. Ah!, to be young again. Spread Da Word!


The original JANGO 3D Digital Comics for kids and families alike. Read your favourite adventure or episode right here. Get the latest issue and so much more. Join in and see what the kids of Jamrocville are up to.

The Making Of JANGO

     Go behind the scenes and learn about the characters of JANGO.  See how they were created from the ground up and all the fun the storytellers had putting  each individual character’s story together. Learn the inspiration behind this beautiful story and why he felt it was important to share his childhood with the global masses. So Jango lovers of all ages join in this wonderful journey of the magic of J.A.N.G.O.


Don’t miss a single episode of your favourite island adventurer. See Jango and the whole Jamrocville Primary Class and Staff. Can Jango keep his classmates from constant disagreements with each other?, and Where did the magic mystical parks come from?.

     Wait!, what was that scary thing the kids saw on Creepy Lane?. Could it be Da Rollin Calf or is it something much more worst dan duppy- Da Grimmus Fightah. The kids must learn to work together to overcome challenges with positive resolutions.

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